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Paper Tape
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P50 Workstation dock issues (USB /video)

My current configuration is a Lenevo P50 on a Workstation dock (which replace the Pro dock hoping to fix some problems) with a Intel i7-6700 and Quadro M1000.


This is connected to 2 external displays:

-Philips Full HD 1920*1080 24 inch screen via HDMI (has also VGA/DVI connector

-Barco 30inch 3280*2016 via active DP->DVI adapter

-laptop display (full hd is working)


If I put the laptop in standby, many times the Full hd screen via HDMI is not waking up and only the 30inch starts. I can fix this by restarting the laptop.


Also it happens often that the keyboard/mouse do not connect after standby. This is then fixed by undock->dock.


Many time after starting from stanby, windows hello does not work, so can't use the fingerprint scanner.


I find it very disappointing that such an expensive dock has such problems. 


I never had these things with HP of Dell docks.


Who does recognize these problems? Is there something I can do?







Paper Tape
Posts: 7
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Re: P50 Workstation dock issues (USB /video)


What's DOS?
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Re: P50 Workstation dock issues (USB /video)

Hi, wondering if you still have this problem.  I do, and I also have 2 external monitors in use.  One common symptom for me is my display background settings revert to an different combination of settings whenever I un-dock.  Specifically I change it to my preferred settings of "slideshow" and "fit", but when I dock or boot the laptop, it comes up in "picture" and "tile".

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