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Token Ring
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Re: P50 buyer remorse?


thanks, honestly I have been switching laptops recently for one or other reason, and now I have most of my day to day work files in a Samsung T3 externa disk, which can reach 500mb/s over USB3, so I am learnign to be external disk person. I guess there is a minor side benefit of generating less heat internally that would have to be dissipated. I will for sure miss the ridiciously fast boot times of the PCIE, but as long as I get QuadCore with good cache, and good keyboard and a dedicated GPU I think I can survive for years to come. 

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Re: P50 buyer remorse?

After a month with my Thinkpad P50, I think (no pun intended), this is a good time to provide feedback.


To put it simple, it's been like night and day.


I'm coming from a W520, which I liked very much but.. in the end, it was taking around 10 minutes to boot that machine (not kidding; mostly because of corporate security overhead; I don't blame them for it, though, really).


The P50 boots in ~20-25 seconds (< 30), with the same overhead.


I expect that, as usual, the computer's performane will decrease over time. But, starting from a much higher point should mean that performance and, thus, productivity, hopefully, won't be impacted as badly as they were with the W520.


Therefore, so far, no buyers remorse.

P50 - Xeon E3-1535M v5 - 32 GB RAM - FHD display - Quadro M2000M - Win7 x64
Token Ring
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Re: P50 buyer remorse?

I bought the p70 after using the w520 since I purchased it 5 years earlier and I can say they're both great machines. I think the p50 is as well. My w520 was taking a long time to boot so I reinstalled the original image and then loaded win 10 on it. It boots in around a minute now so it's no slouch with an ssd. The p70 is up and running in 30 seconds or less from the time I press the power button and all the programs have been loaded. I think either machine is a good upgrade but nothing is ever as fast as I'd like it to be Smiley Happy.

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