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Paper Tape
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P50 - charging from portable power bank


just wondering if it is possible to charge my P 50 using a portable power pack whilst camping etc?

Ideally, one that doesn't require my 170w, slim tip charger; but a solution of any sort would be great.

 I had in mind a powerpack which could service my laptop, as well as phones, USB devices and so on; but all my searching has led to dead ends.

Electrics aren't my forte, so any advice appreciated,


Cheers angus.

Bit Torrent
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Re: P50 - charging from portable power bank

You need something like a Poweradd Pilot Pro or Poweradd Pilot Pro2.      They can power phones/tablets via USB, and your laptop as well (it appears to include the slim tip adapter)     They come in both 23000mAh or the larger capacity 320000mAh. 


Poweradd Pilot Pro2 23000mAh


Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000mAh




Paper Tape
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Re: P50 - charging from portable power bank

Yeah thanks JDGillis,

i figure the key numbers are between 15 and 20 V and between 4.5 and 8.5 A( the ratings on my battery and charger)... 

I found quite a few like the products you linked to, yet it seems shipping to Australia is an issue - due to lithium or some such.

 I'm persevering, although Australia times can be a backwater re technology and health and the like.

Some are out of stock, i'm waiting on replies about others; and it is usually more expensive, tough seeing all the amazon etc offerings.

 I wonder if you, or someone else, could please assess this unit:


- which is available - and figure if it would suffice?

It is expensive, but offers solar/other attractions, seems good quality...and is available in Aus!

It has a laptop port, which states output of 19v, up to 6A (120w) regulated; which seems to be somewhere near the mark for charging a p50.

sorry to waffle, thanks again



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Re: P50 - charging from portable power bank

I just wanted to add I have an ultra slim 90W  dual car  and AC charger that works with P50!  It can charge P50 while being off OR keep the battery level same when I use P50.  I could run a benchmark that  uses full CPU and GPU and 90w were more than enough  for P50!  So as much your power bank can provide up to 90W of energy, then it should do the job!  


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