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Paper Tape
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P50 docking station

I am looking at purchasing a docking station for my p50 however I am seeing some comments about the dock blocking the air vents.  Anyone see this or experience issues with this?

Broadband 3G
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Re: P50 docking station

The "Workstation" dock is an outdated joke really, as it does not allow even connecting 2 x 4K@60Hz monitors.


If you can wait a bit, I'd wait until is available.

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Re: P50 docking station

Not everybody may have the same requirements. These are mine:


I use a 230W docking station to connect my P50 to a T1 Intranet, to two FHD Lenovo external monitors (3-screen setup), full external Lenovo keyboard and mouse. Everything works well.


Regarding blocking vents; that's nonsense. The P50 has multiple vents. When docked, the back, sides and most of the bottom vents are open. Some of the bottom vents (top) are, indeed, blocked by the docking station but the remaining vents provide more than enough ventilation. In fact, my P50 runs as cool on the dock, as when it's undocked. Besides, because when docked the P50 is slightly elevated, probably, there's better air circulation than when is sitting on a flat surface, even with the bottom pegs.


And it's silent most of the time.


The big advantage for me is that, with the docking station, I just drop the computer in, scan my finger and I'm in bussiness in less than 40 seconds. Everyday. Honestly, it would be hard for me to justify getting something else at this time. For the price, updated ports (TB3, mDP, etc) would be nice, though.


My only complain with the 230W would be the price. And most of it is probably due to the gigantic 230W power brick. Oh, well.

P50 - Xeon E3-1535M v5 - 32 GB RAM - FHD display - Quadro M2000M - Win7 x64
Paper Tape
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Re: P50 docking station

Good to hear.   I had figured that it was perfectly fine due to the additional vents.  Thanks!

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