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Re: P50 ethernet connectivity issues

I'm still on AU and not CU yet, I can't have my system rebooting on me in the field. I use this method to make the OS not let it try to get stuff. It will occasionally pop the you need to look at updates thing then I hit esc and close the update window and go about my business, way better trade off then having it reboot into a broken OS. Same with staying on BIOS 1.39 since it is the most stable at the moment with docks.


EDIT: also if you have extra ports on the switch try another port (or swap with another devices port to rule out the switch) your port could also just be going bad aswell.


May also want to just roll back then do the restart task trick and see if it helps. (BACK UP YOUR CRUCIAL DATA FIRST)

I own a Y510p SLI (retired), Yoga 2 Pro, P50 4K, X1C5
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Re: P50 ethernet connectivity issues

I am having a similiar issue with no help.


My p50 when docked only runs 100mbps speeds and then when un docked it runs 1gbps speeds

I am running a 40A5 docking station with windows 10


My other p50 with windows 7 conncects with 1 gbps speeds docked or undocked


I have updated all the drivers to the most recent versions, docking and laptop

I disabled, rolled back, force 1gbps (will not connect at all to ethernet), reinstalled drivers, etc. 


No help to do any of this. 


Does anyone know what I can try?

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