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Fanfold Paper
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P50 fingerprint reader.

After browsing threads/knowledge base here and googling, I am utterly confused.  I

was looking forward to trying fingerprint recognition for the first time on my brand-

new P50 and have no idea how to make it work or, after looking online, whether it

even works at all anymore.  No software from Synaptics or Lenovo (nothing under

Biometrics in Device Manager).  Tried to install Synaptics FP driver and no result.

Is this broken or just mis-leading advertising--not having an advertised functionality?

Hopefully, I'm just being stupid and missing something--I'd be happy to have anyone

here prove that to be the case, lol!





Madison,  Wisconsin



Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: P50 fingerprint reader.

Hello and welcome,


I have no clue, but the (English) User Guide - ThinkPad P50  has several references to the fingerprint reader.


Have you seen that document?  Anything useful there?



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Community SeniorMod
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Re: P50 fingerprint reader.

Are you running windows 10?  If so, look under settings/sign-in options


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: P50 fingerprint reader.

Yes, Zoltan, this is where I started and

then went to all those other places

when it didn't work--it registered my

fingerprints fine under Windows Hello setup but only defaults to pin

login, never fingerprint reader.

Oh well, I'm retired and not in a

treacherous corporate environment

anyway so I guess I won't worry about it and just enjoy the machine

for playing around with Cad/3d modeling and games,lol.


Thanks very much for the answer





Fanfold Paper
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Re: P50 fingerprint reader.

Yes, that's where I started. It has u

go thru the Windows Hello setup

and registers my fingerprints ok

but it only shows pin login, never

the fingerprint option.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: P50 fingerprint reader.

Okay, I went through Lenovo support site
some more and finally found and downloaded
Synaptics Metallica Touch Fingerprint Driver for
Windows 10 .exe (8.2 Mb), version 5.1.311.26,
7/13/2016. Installed it and re-did the Windows
Hello setup under Accounts-Sign In Options
and all works well now.

No idea why this was missing in the first place
and the Lenovo driver update software didn't
catch it.

Don't know how to properly close out this
thread but hopefully the moderators can
shut it down--thanks!

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