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P50 with dock 40A5 USB wake issue

I have a Thinkpad P50 that is currently docking on the dockstation 40A5.

First issue:  I plugged a Jabra Speak 410 (that has no on/off button) into the dock's USB and it would turned on.  When I put the laptop to sleep, the Jabra will turns off since I'm assume that the dock's USB was turned off as well.  The issue comes when I wake the laptop, the Jabra won't turn on.--The only way to get it turn on is to unplug and replug.  My guess is that the dock's USB needs to be wake manually somehow?

       The only trick I see to get the Jabra to wake when the laptop wake is to have a mouse connect directly to the dock (as my mouse is currently connecting to the laptop).  It seems though, having a mouse on the dock will tell the dock's USB to wake up (have power) when the laptop wakes up.  Again, is there another way to wake the dock's USB after it went to sleep and then wake?


Second issue:  I downloaded the firmware to update the dock thinking that it might fix my issue.  However, I got the following error:

       Error description: Can't connect to Synaptics VMMxxxx DP hub IC

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