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P51 (20HH, 20HJ) Latest Thunderbolt 3 Software & Firmware to Support Pre-Boot ACLs

P51 BIOS Update v1.21 & Later advised support for Pre-Boot ACL option on Thunderbolt devices providing the  P51 ThinkPad is running Thunderbolt software version or higher and Thunderbolt firmware NVM 26 or higher (see release notes extract below):


*** Extract from n1uuj13.txt release notes ***

[New functions or enhancements]
- Supported Pre-Boot ACL option for Thunderbolt device on pre-boot environment
in ThinkPad Setup - Config - Thunderbolt 3.
To use this feature, System need to update
Thunderbolt software to version or higher and
Thunderbolt firmware to NVM 26 or higher.


Current Thunderbolt Software / Firmware available for P51 (20HH, 20HJ) from Lenovo support website is / 15. When will latest P51 Thunderbolt software / firmware compatible with above BIOSPre-Boot ACL enhancement become available?


I note you have released Thunderbolt software version for P51 (20MM, 20MN) which does satisfy the above BIOS Pre-Boot ACL enhancement requirement, and should be compatible with P51 (20HH, 20HJ) as both use the same Thunderbolt 3 Controller, viz Intel JHL6340 / Device ID 15D9, but this section of support website doesn't include the latest Thunderbolt 3 firmware. When will the latest firmware release be added? 



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