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Fanfold Paper
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P51 Display - Faint White Dash in the screen

Dear mods,


I have noted a faint white dash (about 3 inches) in the middle of my P51 Screen which appeared a couple of days back. It looks somewhat like a stuck/dead pixel case.


As possible solutions, I have tried the following :


i. Battery Drain for 30 mins, and re-check

ii. Disable/Enable the Graphic Card


Provided that there are no easy solutions, I wish to know whether the replacement of screen of my product (which is still under warranty) will be covered or not?







Punch Card
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Re: P51 Display - Faint White Dash in the screen

Can try to create a case and send them the photo to proof that an issue.

If the issue was due to death pixels the warranty may not be cover as a warranty.