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Paper Tape
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P51 Display calibration

Hi everyone,


I've seen a lot of discussion on this topic but still could not find a solution for my case. So, I have a basic FHD display on my P51 and no integrated Pantone calibration tool. Could you please advise my which is the best way to calibrate the display (also has an issue with yellow tint). Do I need to by external device or just download certain color profile or software? Many thanks!

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Re: P51 Display calibration

Best solution is to buy your own external calibrator device, such as the very highly regarded and reasonably priced XRite i1Display Pro. This very popular device plugs into a USB port on the associated PC when you want to perform a calibration and will then be yours forever. You can then use it forever on other laptops and desktop monitors whenever you want through calibration software you install on each PC.


The device is fully supported by the XRite iProfiler calibration software that comes from the vendor with the device.  You install the software and then run it to perform the calibration process and create an automatically installed proper ICM for your particular screen.  This is obviously much more accurate and appropriate to the particular characteristics of your particular laptop or desktop monitor screen than just picking up somebody else's ICM file for the same display device from the internet.  Their screen may differ from yours in a small way, thus making their ICM technically not a perfect match for yours, even though you both have the same display.


That's why you do your own calibration, to create the optimal ICM file for your own display device.


Myself, I own an i1Display Pro but don't use the calibration software from XRite because I'm not crazy about its user interface.  But I'm not a professional, so maybe I just don't feel at home with what exactly I'm supposed to do or customize or set or select through its calibration options.  Obviously much of the rest of the world likes the product so this may just be that I need some basic training on how to best perform a calibration, using the XRite iProfiler software.


But for me, I prefer to use a free very highly regarded calibration software product named DisplayCAL which fully supports use of the XRite i1Display Pro calibration device along with MANY other commonly used calibration devices.  I MUCH prefer the GUI user interface of DisplayCAL to that of XRite iProfiler, and I also do prefer the visual onscreen color results of the ICM file produced by DisplayCal using the very same i1Display Pro calibration unit.  Maybe it's just subtle or my own preference or ignorance on how to use iProfiler, but even as a rookie I have no confusion using DisplayCAL as I do with iProfiler and the resulting ICM file seems to just always produce perfect color in my estimation.


I didn't have to do hardly anything to customize or set up DisplayCAL aside from picking the target calibration I wanted (which for me was the general purpose "D65 and Office Web", from many others which were available) and specify that I was using the i1Display Pro calibration device. The rest was either just defaulted from these basic choices or automatically part of the software process itself.


The software installation for DisplayCAL makes use of a separate also free "color management system (CMS)" named ArgyllCMS. You don't actually "install" anything from ArgyllCMS but simply have to place its binary file folder somewhere on your PC (e.g. C:\Argyll\bin) and then update the Windows "environment variables" to add C:\Argyll\bin (or whatever you called the folder) to the end of the "path" environment variable.  This ArgllCMS binary file is used for dynamic loading by DisplayCal, so it just needs to be available at runtime of DisplayCAL via PATH.


I actually did install the XRite i1Profiler software to get the device driver for the calibration device installed, as DisplayCAL needs to use that device.  But I never ran i1Profiler to produce its output ICM.  I only run DisplayCAL, which also installs its own ICM profile loader to cause its calibration results to automatically be associated with Windows color management for the display, as the "default" with your laptop screen or external desktop monitor.  This all happens without you're having to do much more than say OK.


Well worth the one-time dollar investment (not much) and one-time software install steps, and then running DisplayCAL once (or again every 6 months or a year) to produce the accurate ICM for the related display screen as seen by the i1Display Pro (or other) supported calibration device.

Paper Tape
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Re: P51 Display calibration

@X-Rite i1Display Pro. I didn't know much about those calibration options, but just looking for accurate result of my digital vs printed images. The way its a long-term solution makes me pretty confident to go that direction. Thanks again and cheers!

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