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Paper Tape
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P51 Fan starting and restartinga every 10th seconds full blast



I cannot find any solution to this issue when the workstation is plugged in. I have exactly  the same issue as another member:


The fan is working at full blast for about 10 seconds periods, although CPU load is about 25 %. Then fan noise goes down for about 10-15 seconds, while CPU load stays the same at about 25% (on very light work). And it goes on like this for long periods of time. 10 seconds full blast, 10 seconds quieter, 10 seconds full blast, etc..The temperature almost never went up from 45-55 °C on all the four cores.



Intel Core 7700HQ




I would appreciate any help lease/ This is extremely annoying to work with.



Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎05-28-2018
Location: AR
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Re: P51 Fan starting and restartinga every 10th seconds full blast

 For those who have the fan with similar noise as a commercial airplane when the pilot is testing the turbines before taking off, I found the reason and the solution (or better said the half solution)


First of all, I wish to express that is not acceptable having this kind of problem with this brand taking in an account as well all the money it cost this workstation. In my case, the issue is not overheating CPU. is that the TURBO mode on the CPU is running over 3.50 Hz all the time on really very light work.


The only solution I found is to install ThrottleStop and enable the "Disable Turbo" option. So the CPU stop at 2.80 Hz and the fan is never heard. Temperature is on the low's 40th on the 4 cores nearly all the time on very light office work. For instructions on how to do this, just search on Youtube "ThrottleStop disable turbo" or "ThrottleStop undervolt"


What is the problem with this kind of solution? Well, when I need the turbo speed on the CPU (2.8Hz > X < 3.90 Hz), is necessary to disable the "turbo limit" on the ThrottleStop and the fans begun to run like a jet again.


Which solution may we have on 2.80+ Hz CPU? I think it could be on the same software, the option of under volt the CPU energy input. If that has no effect, then most probably this may have no solution. Again, is a shame having this kind of problem on this workstation, needing to have an eye on what is the CPU speed you will need, in order to adjust it with an external software.


Intel Core 7700HQ

16 GB Ram


Good luck


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