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Paper Tape
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P51 Very slow wifi

I have been using a P51 supplied from work for about a year now and I've been trying to fix this issue ever since. On any WiFi network, I get 0.1 Mbps ~ 1 Mbps, depending. I've tried on the work WiFi, personal WiFi, WiFi hotspot on my phone, they all get around the same speed.


Here's what I've tried so far in no descernable order:

  • Updating the WiFi drivers.
  • RMAing the laptop for a new one.
  • Removing the DNS cache.
  • Switching from 5 Ghrtz to 2.4Ghrtz.
  • Changing the WiFi channel.

I feel this is a software issue somehow, since if it wasn't, a lot more people than me would be having this issue, and RMAing it would've fixed it.

Paper Tape
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Re: P51 Very slow wifi

I figured it out. There was some thing called "DNE LightWeight Filter." When I disabled it from Wi-Fi Properties, I get 71 Mbps down and 17 Mbps up.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: P51 Very slow wifi

Lenovo W530, Win 10, everything up to date


wifi into netgear R7000   5 Mb/sec channel

pixel 3 XL achieves 200+ Mb/sec DL


W530 DL is all over the place from day to day, as low as 25 to 60 Mb/sec

I cannot find "DNE LightWeight Filter"

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