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P51 and storage



I am looking into purchasing a P51, I can see that there is one place for a normal 2.5 inch HDD/SSD and two M.2 places for additional SSD's.


However, when configuring the P51 on the Lenovo's website, under the category "First Hard Disk Drive" I am given the option of selecting one primary hard driver which is a normal 2.5 inch form HDD, and then I am able to select an additional 2.5 inch form HDD under the category "First Solid State Drive / Second Hard Disk Drive".


Hence, I end up with TWO 2.5 inch form HDDs.


My question is: where does the additional 2.5 inch form HDD go? 


Or is it a mistake on Lenovo's website.



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Re: P51 and storage

The two M.2 bays can be alternatively utilized as a single second 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD bay.  You simply need the "Thinkpad mobile storage kit" (part 4XB0L63274) which includes the proper wraparound rubberized adapter which is the mounting piece for the 2.5"" drive, as well as the proper SATA cables to connect the second 2.5" drive.


If you do use the 2xM.2 bays for a second 2.5" drive, you obviously are giving up the ability to install M.2 drives.


Note that this same 2xM.2 bay storage area can be used for M.2 drives only if you buy the "trays" into which the M.2 drives are attached.  This is because of the dual-purpose design of this area, which can EITHER be used for (a) one or two M.2 drives if you buy the mounting trays, or (b) a second 2.5" SATA drive if you buy the "mobile storage kit" to get the needed parts.

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