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P51 docking station questions

Just purchased a P51.  Want to use it with two external monitors (1600x1200 and 1920x1200), so 3 total including the laptop screen.  Doing research on docking stations but had some questions:


1)  Is the primary difference between a mechanical docking station and a USB 3.0 one that the mechanical one also charges the laptop?  They both seems to have all the necessary ports.  Why would anyone buy the USB 3.0 one when the mechanical one does the same thing but also charges?


2)  Lenovo's website implies that the workstation (230W) docking station is the only one that is compatible with the P51.  But from my research it seems the Ultra (170W) will also work, maybe with some additional parts.  Is that correct?  If so what parts are needed and are they actually required or just nice to have?



The two external monitors are also used by a desktop computer, so I plan to set up a KVM to easily switch the monitors and keyboard/mouse between computers.  Any recommendations on that front would be appreicated as well.  I've also read that a software solution is also available, such as remote desktop into the laptop from the desktop, but I'm not sure that works in my situation.



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