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Punch Card
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P51 won't boot after firmware upgrades



I have P51 with Xeon 1505 and 24GB ECC RAM (8GB from lenovo, I bought another 16GB from elsewhere)


I ran system update utility on my P51, many items were upgradable (firmware to 1.46), couple of other things - whatever was upgradable I checked, even optional, then started the update process.


After restart, windows stopped booting and freezes during initial Lenovo screen where the dotted circle rotates, but then freezes and nothing happens.


UEFI bios works, nothing indicates any problem.


Now, not even windows usb installer will boot. I wanted to try recovery, but it always fails. With hybrid graphics enabled in UEFI, it shows BSOD with various codes, IRQ_NOT_LESS... or kernel security check failure with screen *corrupted* with random pixels everywhere.


So I selected discreete graphics in UEFI, now it fails with clean screen, but not always with the same code, among codes I saw were PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, in nvme....sys, then in ntfs.sys, it's not always the same. Corrupted RAM? or suddenly incompatible RAM? ECC is shown as enabled in UEFI.


I've had 2 drives, one NVME, other SATA 2.5, but even with both disconnected, I can't even run windows installer from USB.


I ran diagnostics, everything passed. Also tried extended RAM tests, passed.


So... what do I do now? Firmware downgrade? That's what you get for updating, lost 2 days of life...

Punch Card
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎07-19-2017
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Re: P51 won't boot after firmware upgrades

well, I switched RAM sticks with each other (I only had them on the back side where they are easily accessible) and it no longer fails like it used to

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