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Blue Screen Again
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P51s won't turn on

I have a Thinkpad P51s. Over the past week, my laptop would randomly shut down and would only restart after I pressed the emergency reset button. It would then work for a day or two and then again shutdown and once again would only start up after pressing the reset button.


Yesterday, it shutdown again but it won't start up even if I press the reset button.


I tried removing the external battery and disconnecting the internal battery and then oressed and held the power button. Also tried holding down the reset button button. Repeated the same with RAM removed. Nothing helped. Even removed the CMOS battery connection and reinserted it but nothing helped. 

Today I tried all those steps again and it booted up one time, sent me to bios screen to set the date and time and then ran for a minute or two and shutdown again. I again tried the reset button, it booted up again and then shutdown after 15 seconds or so. I haven't been able to get it to boot back up again no matter what I try.


It makes no sense to me why this is happening. Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how I could fix this?


My laptop is not in warranty anymore. I did email a representative a screenshot when I still had my warranty showing that I was not able to extend it online.


Also, while my laptop was in warranty it had already had it's motherboard replaced 3 times because any external display that I connected to it would flicker irrespective of whether I tried windows or ubuntu. The last replacement was about 40 days back.

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