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Blue Screen Again
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P52 VLAN creation crash with Bluescreen BSOD

Hello everyone,


i am using a Lenovo P52 (with network device Intel I219-LM) with Windows 10 64bit v1903 and newest Intel PROSet Driver 24.1. All existing updates for this machine have been installed via Lenovo Vantage - its up to date.


So first about Microsoft vs. Intel VLAN trouble:

-In Windows 7 there is a comfortable tab in the Intel network driver settings to add VLANs very easy.

-In Windows 10 you can only use the PowerShell command line tool, according to Intels statement: "Currently Team and VLAN configuration are only supported using Intel® PROSet for Windows PowerShell* Software's cmdlets. This only applies to Windows® 10." (Link:


Now we have several Shuttle PCs in our company that are using the same network interface Intel I219-LM as the P52. I have tested VLAN-creation with Windows 7 64bit and Windows 10 64bit Shuttle-PCs. Both works.


When i try to setup a VLAN on P52 it crashes and i get a bluescreen of death:

-Open PowerShell with admin rights.

-Use command 'Get-IntelNetAdapter' to see available network interfaces and to get the ParentName for VLAN-Creation.

-Use command 'Get-IntelNetVLAN" to check if there are existing VLANs (-> none existing).

-Add VLAN with command 'Add-IntelNetVLAN -ParentName "Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (7) I219-LM" -VLANID 2' (for example)

-The computer crashes every time with a Bluescreen "KERNEL MODE HEAP CORRUPTION and some lines like 0x0000000000000012 0xFFFFAC0325C02100 0xFFFFAC032FE82000 0x0000000000000000"

-After reboot there is no VLAN existing.

-This behaviour is the same with past Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809 or 1903.




This tutorial is showing the procedure how it should be:


I have read something about this issues being related to Intels software Intel Online Connect. So i uninstalled this usless program and tried it again. Nothing much changed, but this time i got bluescreens while booting, which could only be solved in Windows safe mode.


Any idea? Thanks!

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎11-16-2018
Location: DE
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Re: P52 VLAN creation crash with Bluescreen BSOD

The official answer of Lenovo service: I have to live with that problem. It is probably not an Lenovo, but a Intels Driver issue. (Ticket closed)


As i already stated the issue is not existing on our desktop PCs with the same network device 219-LM that is running the same Intel driver and same Windows version.


For our company this is some kind of no-go, because we use the more expensive P-Series (unfortunately i am the only one with the P52) for our development department - that needs the VLAN-feature. This is especially unsatisfying, because it means Lenovo equiped the P52 with a device that is not working correctly and is now giving the responsibility of this issue to the third party manufacturer.

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