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P52 screen latency

My P52 is set up with a docking station that connects it to 2 external monitors.  When set up like this, at times the laptop screen starts to act unusual.  I'll type something and it won't appear until I drag the window to one of the other monitors, or I'll click and drag over some text and it won't show as highlighted unless I move the window or wait 30s or so.  A popup will just be a blank box until I move it to another monitor etc.  It only happens on the laptop screen, and only when it is in the docking station.


Anybody else having that happen with them, or know a way to fix it?

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Re: P52 screen latency

Hi PaulEA,


Maybe it will behave different if you force the Preferred Graphics Processor to High Performance NVIDIA Processor. It's in NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Global settings > Preferred Graphics Processor. Alternatively, there is also a BIOS setting that will force this.


Considering all external displays are driven by the NVIDIA GPU, maybe there is an issue with transfering data between the Intel integrated GPU and the NVIDIA one... Also, can you confirm that you are using the latest Lenovo-provided graphics driver, Thunderbolt software as well as firmware? What BIOS version? If I don't ask you, someone else will!


I cannot help you much right now (I don't have a dock), but maybe it will give you a few pointers.



I'm a user, NOT a Lenovo employee. If my post helped, consider giving me a Kudos. If I solved your issue, please mark it as Solved.
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