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Paper Tape
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P52s - SSD broken for the second time within 6 months

I own my P52s since 6 month and by now already 2 SSDs broke with the same symptoms: First the SSD randomly turns off and only turns on after a reboot again and after a week or so the SSD cannot be recognized by UEFI anymore and the Laptop becomes unbootable. When Lenovo sent me the first replacement SSD things were working flawlessly for ca 2 months until it broke as well.


I described the problem to Lenovo in detail and they were very quick to send a second replacement SSD, which I appreciate of course. However, they did not react to my concerns that 2 SSDs breaking in such a short time period my indicate that some other laptop component might be flawed. Did anybody experience any similiar issues? Does someone have any idea to what extent other laptop components could cause such a behaviour? E.g. too high voltage in the power supply? Other components heating up too much (though I did let the P52s do too much heavy work and the SSD seems to be places rather far away from GPU and CPU)? ... ?


For completeness: The SSD is a Samsung PM-981 with 1GB.

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Re: P52s - SSD broken for the second time within 6 months

Hello, i have a similar problem, my P52s is 6 months old, last week i had a blue screen but didnt pay attention, two days later it happened again.

but this time the bios diagnistics was "read error", i tried and tried to solve it, sometimes no disk detected by bios anymore ,

some times detected and RAW partitions, sometimes booting, some time working slow and if i try to perform a backup or test the disk with samsung magician i have a blue screen again and have to try and try to have it bootable again.


I m expecting a SSD m2 failure or a connectors issue, as the M2 is connect to the MB with a flat cable and stupid connector via a tray.


Hope to get news from lenovo soon Smiley Sad abot my ticket which is staying in open status

Paper Tape
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Re: P52s - SSD broken for the second time within 6 months

So, here is my conclusion about my P52S problem

- The M2 drive has been replaced by lenovo technician , but connectivity was still in trouble

- The flat cable and the tray holding the drive has been replace by a second technician, but still giving trouble


I'm waiting for a motherboard replacement , the connector holding the flat cable on the mother board is defect,

i guess the soldering is bad. Without the back cover , the disk was detected sometimes not working, when back cover is in place, the disk is often in trouble. It s more than probably pushing on the cable wich is quite rigid and then putting pressure on the connector.


Really bad conception or a bad assembly, really sensible from my point of view , i would advise to avoid to change the SSD if its not in trouble... the first techinican told me he already seen a connector completely disconnected from the MB, it s a surface mount connector


An indication about possible wrong connectivity could be the speed test, if i remember well the ssd was reading a 200 , lately only 100



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