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When I put my P70 into airplane mode through Windows 10, it stops accepting power from the AC adapter and runs off of battery. Is this normal? I don't see anything in Windows help or forums to indicate this is normal activity. As soon as I take it out of airplane mode, it starts running off the AC adapter again. I'm running the latest P70 BIOS (2.00)


"Airplane mode" in OS refers to both wireless and power. Airplane mode wireless means "all radios off". Airplane mode power means "use less than 60 watts to avoid tripping airplane circuit breaker". On workstation class system like P50/P70, this has the effect of disabling the AC power because it cannot use less than 60 watts.


You can change a setting to avoid this behavior:

  1. run Lenovo Settings
  2. from the left side panel, click on the battery button to open the "Power" section
  3. scroll down to "Airplane Power Mode" and then uncheck the box about "Enable auto-detection".  This means airplane power mode won't be activated automatically when airplane wireless mode is turned on.

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How do I get my Lenovo OFF Airplane Mode?


How do I get my Lenovo to TURN OFF Airplane Mode? I have gone into the settings and it STAYS ON - even though I am trying to get it to shut off. It will NOT shut off.


Hi could you please help me to get rid of my phones problem . Today suddenly my phone (Lenovo p70 A) went blank (like Switched off). And i was not able to turn on again i tried using long press of the power button and after that long press with volume and power button. But no use of with all these methods im so worried Smiley Sad and also 5mins once  phone is getting vibrated while on vibrate neither light nor dipslay is coming.


What should i do to get resolve from problem 


Kindly help me out 


I had this problem.  It turns out the Power Profile had been set to Airplane Mode and not turned off.  This causes the AC adapter to not charge the computer.  Changing the power profile back to Balanced, my usual profile, fixed it.  Open the Control Panel and search for power.  It is under Power Options.


Changing the power profile behind your back is a pretty nasty thing to do, and it took me a long time to find this cause of not being able to charge.


Hi.  For some reason the lenovo app is autodetecting that it needs to go in airplane mode. I am in my house.  I don't know what triggered it last night but it got triggered again this morning.  This is a new problem.  I have turned autodetect off so it's not causing a problem .... but still cannot figure out why it would autodetect being i am at home.