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P70 HDMI Thunderbolt Firmware Update is now available

The Thunderbolt firmware update to correct HDMI issues for the P70 is now available in the Support section:





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Re: P70 HDMI Thunderbolt Firmware Update is now available

I ran this tonight on my Win7 P70, and it certainly looked like it ran successfully.  I didn't actually have any external display device connected via either HDMI  or Thunderbolt-3 connectors, and the firmware update installer mentioned that in a popup message (which I took to be a warning, not a fatal error problem).  I ignored it (I believe), and the rest of the process then proceeded.  So I assume I'm running with new version 16.


However the README for the installer says that to verify both what you currently had and what you have after the update, the following steps are to be performed:




Well, first, there isn't any such program named "Thunderbolt software.exe" in that \Intel\Thunderbolt Software folder, but I assume it is program "Thunderbolt.exe" which I was supposed to run.  Either that, or "Thunderbolt software.exe" is missing for some reason.



 Now the Start Menu folder for Thunderbolt Software does show "Thunderbolt Software", so maybe that is what is being referred to by the README. The Start Menu item points to the very Thunderbolt.exe program, so perhaps it's just very bad prose in the README which is confusing.



 Anyway, when I run this program there is no Thunderbolt icon in the lower-right corner of the window as described in the README.  So there's nothing for me to left-click on, and then click on "Settings" and "Details".  All I get is a blank window, presumably because I don't have an external monitor connected via HDMI or Thunderbolt-3.




What am I doing wrong?  Or do I have to have a connected device in order for any of this to work properly?  I'm sure the firmware update went just fine.  But the README is terribly flawed (at least for Win7), and nothing the README says I should see is actually seen as described.


Note that this is of purely theoretical interest to me, because I run my external monitor via miniDP->DP (and "discrete graphics" of course, to use my M3000M 100% ).  But surely the README should be accurate for other Win7 users who really need this update to address external monitors connected via HDMI, and it certainly doesn't seem to be very accurate at all.

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Re: P70 HDMI Thunderbolt Firmware Update is now available

Well... talk about the world's worst README...


I just noticed that there was a Thunderbolt Software icon in the "system tray" (i.e. "notification area", which is in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF THE SCREEN).  Actually, this appeared when I launched the "Thunderbolt Software" item in the Start Menu, which is actually the Thunderbolt.exe program in that \Intel\Thunderbolt Software folder.


So mention of "left-click Thunderbolt icon located the the [sic] buttom [sic] right corner" in the README is apparently actually referring to this icon in the system tray, not the lower right corner of the "attached devices" window which opens when you launch the program.


Furthermore, YOU GET NOTHING IF YOU LEFT-CLICK that Thunderbolt icon in the system tray.  You need to RIGHT-CLICK (not left-click) to produce the popup menu which includes the "Settings" item!  Who wrote this README???




Ok. Finally, progress.  when I click on Settings I now do get a new window which includes a "Details" button in the lower-left corner. And when I push that "Details" button sure enough I get yet another window that does give me all the information to confirm that my firmware update to version 16 did, in fact, go successfully.




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Re: P70 HDMI Thunderbolt Firmware Update is now available

i vote sticky this thread its the easiest to follow my thanx to the op and dsperber
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Re: P70 HDMI Thunderbolt Firmware Update is now available

It's amazing that one of the world's largest tech companies, Intel, has never in its existence written a well-designed piece of software. But they haven't! They flout UI standards and best practices, use custom toolkits, take graphical ugliness to new heights, and just generally flout common sense.


Unfortunately, this is pretty much par for the course for hardware companies. 

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