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P70 + M3000M (discrete): no HDMI audio in Win10, works fine in Win7

P70 with M3000M graphics, BIOS set to "discrete graphics". I'm running the latest retail nVidia driver 411.95 Quadro Notebook downloaded from the nVidia site.


Under Win10 I connected my P70 to my LG OLED TV using miniDP->HDMI cable, and only get video. No audio.


Playback Devices only shows the Realtek HD Audio speakers as available.  There is no option available for digital audio via the HDMI connection to the TV despite the fact that the HDMI Audio option was checked from among the installation options when the driver was installed.  I'm speculating that in fact this didn't occur, hence why there is no HDMI digital audio available through Playback Devices.  The LG TV shows up just fine in nVidia Control Panel as "LG TV", as a second monitor and video output to it is perfect.


I also tried a second connection method which this time goes through the same miniDP->HDMI cable but instead of going directly to the LG TV goes through my Oppo UDP-203's HDMI input (the Oppo in turn connects to the LG TV.  This time nVidia Control Panel shows the second monitor as the Oppo 203, but once again there is no HDMI digital audio device to select in Playback Devices, so again I only have video going to the LG TV from the P70.


Now I also have Win7 available on my P70, so I tried that approach instead.  And sure enough, through the Win7 version of the same latest 411.95 retail nVidia driver everything works perfectly... through both of the above two connection methods!  In other words both the LG TV as well as the Oppo 203 both offer HDMI Digital Audio devices in Playback Devices, which I can select and get sound delivered to this external A/V system.  So I can play on-demand TV on the P70 using Firefox from network sites and get the expected video and audio on my LG TV system, delivered via the miniDP->HDMI cable from the P70.


It would appear there's something wrong with the Win10 nVidia retail Quadro driver installation, even though the customization menu shows the HDMI audio driver selected for installation and also shows "installed" at completion.  It all looks the same with the Win7 driver installation, but it appears it actually worked, unlike the results in Win10.


Can anybody else with a similar "discrete graphics" using nVidia retail driver and P70/P71/P72 confirm that they do or do not have HDMI Digital Audio available in Playback Devices when connecting an external HDTV (of any brand) or AVR?  I have no problem using Win7 to watch streaming TV programs this way for the rare occasions I want to do this, but I'm puzzled as to why I'm experiencing this symptom specifically in Win10.  Definitely seems that the driver installation did NOT install the HDMI Audio piece as it claims to have done.


I would post the question on the nVidia Quadro Forum if there was one, but there only seems to be a forum for GeForce graphics.

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Re: P70 + M3000M (discrete): no HDMI audio in Win10, works fine in Win7

Some additional information, as I continue to experiment and try different things.


(1) I've tried using a straight HDMI->HDMI cable instead of the miniDP->HDMI cable, but with no change of result.  The HDMI digital audio device still doesn't show up in Playback Devices.


(2) I've tried to a full "cold, reset" reinstall of the nVidia drivers, just in case the HDMI Audio driver somehow got improperly installed.  As the install proceeded I first observed that the currently installed HDMI Audio driver WAS uninstalled, and then also that the HDMI Audio driver was genuinely installed.  So theoretically it's really available, if only the hardware would handshake properly.


(3) I have a W530 (with K1000m graphics, also running "discrete") running the same Win10 1803 and with the same retail nVidia driver version as is running on my P70. So I connected it using the identical miniDP->HDMI cable as I'm trying to use on the P70.  Remarkably, it works perfectly! Sure enough the HDMI Audio device shows up in Playback Devices, as well as in Device Manager, and can be selected and used successfully. I can connect to both the Oppo 203 as well as directly to the LG TV through the W530 with K1000m running Win10, and I can pass sound via HDMI from the W530 to both connected external devices.








In contrast, the P70 nVidia Control panel also shows that there is an HDMI audio device connected but when I push the "Windows Audio Settings" button there is only the Realtek HD Audio interlnal analog speaker device shown.








As I mentioned previously, the dual-boot Win7 system installed on the same P70 works perfectly under Win7 to deliver digital audio via HDMI to the external Oppo 203 and LG TV ( same as the W530 does under Win10 does).







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Re: P70 + M3000M (discrete): no HDMI audio in Win10, works fine in Win7

OK. Mystery all explained. Problem solved, case closed. The latest 4xx series nVidia WHQL drivers (or the installer package script) for Quadro (Notebook) GPUs are defective and fail to properly install the digital HD Audio driver properly, if at all, even though the confirmation at the end of installation claims to have done it successfully.  Not true.


In particular, the version 411.95 which [theoretically] included digital HD Audio driver that I was using on my P70 Win10 with M3000M system doesn't work. I went backwards to older versions 411.81 and 411.63, and they all fail the same way. No digital audio delivered to my external HDTV or AVR via HDMI cable.  I even tried the latest non-WHQL driver version 416.78 thinking that perhaps they've already fixed it, but to no avail. Even 416.78 fails the same way.  So we have to conclude all of these 4xx driver packages is breaking the HD Digital Audio installation.


I looked more closely at environment in my W530 Win10 with K1000m system which was working properly, and the answer to all of the inconsistent results became clear.  I thought I had updated the nVidia driver recently on this machine but apparently I hadn't. It actually was still running with an old version 392.00 (dated 8/30/2018) that included digital HD Audio driver Hmmm.. big clue.


I then looked at my P70 Win7 with M3000m system which also was working properly, and it had been even longer ago that I updated the graphics driver here, to version 391.89 dated 7/19/2018, which also included digital HD Audio driver 1.3.36.


The fact that 3xx drivers worked in both Win7 and Win10 where all 4xx drivers failed in Win10 is the answer. It's nViida's fault, having nothing to do with the P70 or W530 or the type of nVidia Quadro GPU chip.  It's clearly an nVidia screwup with these new 4xx driver installer packages.


I have now reverted my P70 back to 392.00, and once again have 100% working digital HD Audio support for my external HDTV and AVR.


I have also opened a ticket with nVidia Tech Support reporting this problem, and have submitted all of the supporting screenshots and forensic proof of the clearly defective 4xx driver install result.


Note that there was absolutely no observed defect for video for the 4xx drivers I tried, no matter whether the video was being sent to the laptop screen, external monitor, or external HDTV/AVR.  And of course the Realtek analog audio driver supports internal laptop sound, so the nVidia digital HD audio driver (working properly or not) is of no relevance.  It's only when trying to use the 4xx driver to feed digital audio/video to an external HDTV/AVR that the problem with the 4xx digital HD Audio driver becomes apparent.


I will continue to use the 392.00 driver indefinitely in my W530 and P70 environments, both Win7 and Win10, until I hear from nVidia that they have resolved their screwup and release an updated corrective driver version.

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Re: P70 + M3000M (discrete): no HDMI audio in Win10, works fine in Win7

This topic is being continued in this other thread, as the problem now appears to be present in both the newer 411.xx WHQL drivers obtained from the NVidia retail driver site as well as the latest 398.36 driver version (from 11/29/2018) for the P70 available from the Lenovo driver site.


The "giant clue" now appears to be that ALL older graphics driver installer packages which include the prior NVidia HD Audio Driver version complete successfully, with the NVidia HD Audio Device properly present in Device Manager and Playback Devices and with driver correctly associated.  This includes 392.00 from NVidia and 389.08 from Lenovo.


In contrast, ALL newer graphics driver installer packages which include the current NVidia HD Audio Driver version (from Lenovo) or (from NVidia) seem to complete successfully according to the confirmation screen, but in fact have failed to properly show the NVidia HD Audio Device in both Device Manager and Playback Devices.  It appears that the NVidia HD Audio Driver 1.3.37.x is NOT being installed correctly or at all. This includes 411.95 from NVidia and 398.36 from Lenovo.

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