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P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints

I use my P70 quite heavily and I've noticed that just after a few days the P70 touchpad has started eating away my fingerprints. The cause of this seems to be the somewhat gritty surface of the touchpad and I wish it was completely smooth like glass so as to be not abrasive. I checked my girlfriend's 4 year old Apple laptop and it has a completely smooth touchpad.


What can I do to continue using the touchpad but not loose my fingerprints? Is there any type of a transparent skin that I can put on top of the touchpad to make the touchpad surface completely smooth and less abrasive?


Really surprised in 2016/2016 Lenovo has not figured out a less abrasive material for the touchpad.

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Re: P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints

My P50's TP is completely smooth (glasslike). I would expect P70's to be the same since both come from the same company (Synaptics). I would check with Lenovo.


Maybe they put the wrong type on your Laptop?

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Re: P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints

Anyone else having this issue? Mine is definitely not smooth like glass. It appears smooth but there is a subtle gritty texture and it is abrasive enough to start smoothing out my fingerprints.


Do others have a completely smooth glass like touch pad with their P70?

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Re: P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints



I have seen one other report:




Aryeh Goretsky

I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints

FYI I replied to the post on the other thread.

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Re: P70 Touchpad Eating my Fingerprints

The touchpad surfaces on my P70 and my T460s look and feel about the same. There is no grittiness on the touchpads, but they are not completely smooth to afford control. I've had both systems for about 9 months and the surfaces are basically the same as when they were new. Oh, my fingerprints are still intact! How hard are you pressing on the touchpad?

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