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P70 Windows 10 Power State

When you initiate shutdown on a P70 with Windows 10, does anyone know what power state the laptop goes into? S1-S5, G3 by default?


The problem is that the machine will not power back on, HDD light just blinks and the only solution is to remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes and then power back up. I don't have access to the machine, trying to help remotely and Lenovo's only solution is to return the machine for servicing.


I think it is possible the power state that Windows is trying for is not supported by current BIOS settings or by the P70 hardware or faulty hardware. Also possible that the drivers are not installed to support the current settings or some piece of hardware won't wake up (e.g. SSD) from that particular power state.


Any recommendations on BIOS settings, hibernate, Windows power settings to resolve this? The current solution is just to never use Shutdown.





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Re: P70 Windows 10 Power State

Windows 10, in the preload, uses "Turn on Fast Restart" by default. Modify the power plan to uncheck the option. As a test without needing to make the change, hold the Shift key down while selecting Shutdown from the START menu and see if the problem still happens on the subsequent power on.

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