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P70 w/17", m600m blue screen error after shutdown.

I've had this issue for some time, When going through shutdown, laptop stalls at "shutting down". If I let it run for 3-4hrs or overnight, message popsup windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown, under details shows blue screen error, then it runs normally. This happens whether I shut down or from an update which requires restart, only rarely, very rarely does it shutdown without issue. I want to know what is causing issue and if it's something I should be concerned about. In addition, I'm denied access to some my own files and programs when I attempt to open through the front end (I'm owner and administrator), message popsup "the requested operation requires elevation" What the @%&*,

I've gone through permissions to the point of nausium, nothing works. I have to go through the backend through program files to access file or program.

I've been involved in computing since the XT was the hottest thing, backthen you could fix most anything through DOS, nowadays so many things are embedded or proprietary your at the mercy of tech supp. I'm usually too busy to sit down with tech supp and iron things out, then they recommend things I've done countless times. The windows virtual agent is useless for uncommon problems.

Anyone have any ideas for resolution?

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