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P72 No internet on home network

My company just purchased this P72 for me and it appears that everything is working fine, except that when I take it home I can connect to my home network, but it says that I am not connected to the internet.


At work, the laptop works just fine.  In fact, I'm submitting this post on the device right now.  I can connect to both WiFi and Ethernet without issues (although I think the WiFi connections take longer than expected, but that might just be me).  Every night this week, I have taken the laptop home and tried to connect to my home WiFi only to be told that I was connected "Secured, No Intenet".


I've updated all the drivers on the laptop including the BIOS.  Last night I spent a couple hours updating firmware on my router and double-checking settings.  I even removed the ethernet cable from the back of one of my home computers and plugged it into the laptop.  I was able to connect to the network, but was still told that I had no internet.


At this point, I decided to try browsing and see what I got.  I was actually able to do a couple of silly Google searches and peruse a few images.  I removed the cable and reconnected the WiFi and found the same result.


Out of curiosity, I tried to launch the Lenovo Vantage app and it told me that I had lost connection (even though I could still browse the internet).


I tried a host of solutions including resetting the network (suggested by Microsoft's troubleshooter, which wiped out all of my company's VPN settings).  So, before I reach out to Lenovo support, I thought I ask if you wonderful people had any suggestions.


I'm sure I'm leaving some needed details out, but please ask and I'll update accordingly.  For now, I've got to get to a meeting.  Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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Re: P72 No internet on home network



Sounds like the Gateway IP is on a different domain. How is the DNS being provisioned on your home network? The gateway needs to be in the same subnet as the rest of the network.



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