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Punch Card
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P72 Thunderbolt ports stop working?

Hello Everyone! Need a BIG help here.


I have the P72 here +- 6 months only ( brand new )  working flawless. 

But yesterday the 2 usb-c ports are not recognizing anymore!  

Why?  software?   need to reinstall windows?  the ports are dead?


I only use cintiq in port 1... and some HDs ( not always ) in port 2.


But now no device are working anymore:

- HDs don't turn on ( lights ) and not connect  ( in both ports)

- And the cintiq don't connect. ( both ports too )


Already test the cables/cintiq in another machine and is working 100%. 

So i have 100% sure the problem is something with  the thinkpad usb-c ports only



Here a file the thunderbolt software is not showing the ports too!.





Punch Card
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Re: P72 Thunderbolt ports stop working?

Another screenshot..  i downloaded old version from Intel Thunderbolt..  but no lucky.. 



Paper Tape
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Re: P72 Thunderbolt ports stop working?

I have an ongoing issue that might be similar. My USB ports (mouse and keyboard) tend to not work after a shutdown and subsequent start up usually the next morning. (My monitors are fine). I need to open the laptop and reboot it once, twice, sometimes 3 or 4 times. Then they are recognized.

I believe there was a conflicting update at one point. Try to make sure all updates are installed. Pull the power from the Thunderbolt, then plug it back in. Good luck.

Punch Card
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Re: P72 Thunderbolt ports stop working?

Hi Yeags67!



Thanks for the reply.  I tried to unplug but no lucky

But,  was able to "fix" today. 


Looks like the problem is when the computer goes to sleep mode after some minutes. 

If this happens with someone here is the fix:



1.  Turn off thinkpad.

2. Remove power pable and all connected usb/usb-c devices  for some seconds.

3. Connect the power cable Turn on thinkpad.

4. Boot Windows.

5. Connect usb/usb-c devices

6. Right click the windows button and open Device Manager.

7. Scroll Down and find Universal Serial Bus Controller

8. Right Click in all connected devices and Intel usb 3.1 + usb root hub

9. Go to the tab Power management ( if exists )  and disable Allow the computer to turn off to save power.


*Step 8 and 9 need to repeat in  every port.  

When connect usb-c devices or dock  will appear more than 1  Intel usb 3.1 controllers. 




Done! even if the computer sleeps no problem anymore ( until now ) 











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