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Please help: W530 lose about 3% battery every night when shutdown

Hello, I am a W530 user. Recently I notice that every morning when I start up my laptop, there are less battery life. 

It seems that 2%~3% battery life was lost during the night time. 

I did shutdown or hibernate my computer before sleep. 

I wonder if there is some power management configuration I messed up or something else. 


Could you please give me some advises?


More info: The recharging threshold is 90%

Battery life each morning in this week: (with power cord connected )

Mon: 98% Tue: 96% Wed: 94% Thru: 92%



Thank you very much!

And is there any other way I can address my problem more efficiently?  It seems that the IBM service only takes care of hardware issues. And Email support is only applicable for IDEA branded products


I am still in my warranty period.

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Re: Please help: W530 lose about 3% battery every night when shutdown

You are lucky, my W520 loses about 10% of either of my brand new batteries overnight if shutdown. Someone suggested taking the battery out and putting it back in again after shutdown, but this does not help. There is no power management option. You have a bad machine. I just make sure I take my battery out after every shutdown. I even tried disabling the FPR light, but this did not help either.
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Re: Please help: W530 lose about 3% battery every night when shutdown

Having an active fingerprint reader will drain some power (regardless of whether the light is on or off).

You can also check for devices that remain on to listen for wake requests (which consumes power) by going to an administrative (important!) command prompt and entering:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

Ideally, it should return an empty list.

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