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Possible driver conflict between Intel 8265 WLAN and Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet adapter

Hi All,


I use a P50 (20HHCTO1WW, BIOS 1.17 dated 12/13/2017, FHD, i7-7700HQ, RAM 64GB, Boot disk: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA 500GB, Work disk: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe 1TB, Data disk: Seagate Firecuda SMR HDD ST2000LX001 2TB. I use this laptop for development of systems on top of virtual machines, stored on the NVMe SSD. These virtual machines are set to access network and internet through a virtual switch setup on top of the P50 WLAN interface.


I would like to share regarding crashes I got after performing system update on Lenovo Vantage yesterday.


After performing two updates (Intel Online Connect and Intel 8265 WLAN driver) on 1/16 6:09AM early morning, a BSoD occurred on 9:03AM. Upon checking the memory dump using windebugger, the issue was invalid memory read access initiated by vmswitch (Hyper-V Virtual adapter). Installed vmswitch.sys on my P50 is version 10.0.16299.192, time stamp 1/8/2018 5:32AM. Quite new.



Upon checking for possible causes, I read on other forum regarding suggestion to disable VM queue on each network interface on all VMs. I changed these right away. 


However, on 5:06PM same day, a second BSoD occured. This time the memory dump writing somehow failed, hence I lost the latest dump and also the previous dump (as it is overwritten by the last BSoD process). The bugcheck details from both crash occurences as registered on Event Log are similar thou.


As disabling VMQ didn't solve the BSoD problem, I removed the Intel 8265 WLAN driver V. installed through Lenovo Vantage (by opening the Device Manager, right click on the 8265 Network adapter entry, click uninstall with removal of driver files). After a system restart and using the laptop since yesterday night until now, it seems this P50 is back to a stable state.


I shared this details here with below intentions:

  1. Should anyone else experiencing the same issue (and disabling VMQ on the Hyper-V didn't help), rolling back the 8265 driver may help.
  2. I have put the 8265 WLAN driver V20.10.2.2 on ignored list on the Lenovo Vantage on my P50, and currently using V19.50.1.6 which installed automatically after removal of the V20 version and system restart. If indeed the V20.10.2.2 is conflicting with the vmswitch.sys (V10.0.16299.192, 1/8/2018 5:32AM), I hope someone (Intel?) could check and possibly follow the issue up. 

Have a good day!

Using: P51/i7/64GB/FHD, X230/i5/16GB/WXGA, M58p/Core2Duo/2GB, Q190/i3/4GB, Q190/Celeron/4GB. Gone: S110/Celeron/2GB/WSVGA, W510/i7/16GB/FHD, W520/i7/32GB/FHD, W530/i7/32GB/FHD, P50/i7/64GB/FHD, E330/i3/8GB/WXGA, E440/i5/8GB/WXGA, E440/i5/16GB/WXGA, E460/i5/16GB/FHD, Yoga2 10/Atom/2GB/WUXGA.

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