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Punch Card
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Pre-Installed recovery partition

How to use the pre-installed recovery partition?

Windows won't boot, and I see invalid partition table error and the screen.


I am really confused, I don't what's caused the problem...

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Re: Pre-Installed recovery partition

what happens when you press the blue thinkvantage button during the initial startup of the laptop?

Jin Li

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Bit Torrent
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Re: Pre-Installed recovery partition

[ Edited ]

Operating system 101: If you buy a new ThinkPad W520 with an easily accessible primary bay, experiment on a different drive.


Even with the recent increase in the price of new hard disk drives, it just makes sense to duplicate the factory drive before hosing it with another operating system.


Did you make the factory disk set to DVD?


Starting yet another thread is probably not appropriate at this point.

Token Ring
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Re: Pre-Installed recovery partition

[ Edited ]

@ThorsHammer, totally with you on this point.


First thing I did with the W520 after the initial login was to create the DVDs (2 sets as well).


One thing that came as a surprise though is that the W520 require 1 boot DVD and "3" data DVDs.  The W510 only required the boot DVD and 2 data DVDs.  Considering that they're both supplied with Windows 7 Pro x64, I don't really understand there's a need for the extra DVD.  When it comes to recovery media, in general, the less you require, the better (simple because there's less chance that anyone of them could be damaged).  IMO.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Pre-Installed recovery partition

And FYI, that includes Windows 8.   I would not recommend dual booting or using Windows 8 with your production data.