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Fanfold Paper
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Pre-loaded software does not work

I have just bought P53 from UK Lenovo/digital river on-line shop
I included office 2019 Home and business in the purchase
The PC arrived yesterday
No office-stickers on PC or box
But 'SWAPP office H&B 2019 AFOLB' on the box contents list
When I powered up the PC no office 2019, only an un-licensed copy of 0ffice 365
I uninstalled office 365 in-case it was hiding 2019, but no sign of 2019 anywhere
I telephoned Lenovo and spent hours trying to get an answer.

> Digital river could not help, told me to ring Lenovo

>Lenovo could not help, they did not understand software, told me to ring Microsoft
Microsoft were very helpful.
They remote-desktopped the P53 and confirmed that there was no copy of office 2019.
I told this to Lenovo/digital river UK and they said they would investigate, but I have had no reply
I see from forum that many people are having this problem
Does Lenovo care about its reputation  ?

It just needs somebody to check the pre-load procedure and write a check-list for customers.

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Re: Pre-loaded software does not work

Open your MS application and check the office account. It should say 2019 regardless of what the startup splash screen says. Eventually it will turn into 2019.

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I am not an employee nor an agent of Lenovo.
Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎12-11-2019
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Re: Pre-loaded software does not work

I did all that
The Microsoft agent also checked it out
No 2019 !

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