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Blue Screen Again
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Problem adding SSD in bay adapter on W510


I have just received my new Lenovo W510 and is trying to install the additional 256GB SSD I purchased in the Bay Adapter. My goal is to have the 128GB be the primary with operating system etc and then the 256GB be an additional drive.

Here's the environment

Lenovo W510

Type 4391-WCU

HDD1: Toshiba 128GB SSD w/Windows 7 64bit

HDD2: Toshiba 256GB SSD

Hard Drive Bay Adapter III (43N3412)


The system will not recognize any of the Toshiba solid state drives when I put them into the bay adapter. Both of them is recognized by the BIOS  - meaning I can do a HDD diagnostics via the BIOS against the drive - when I put them in the primary bay (slot?) but when I put them in the bay adapter the BIOS immediately gives me the message that there is no drive in the Ultra bay when I run the HDD diagnostics.


As far as I have found when the BIOS doesn't recognize the drives neither will Windows 7 Device Manager & Disk Manager.

Just for giggles I tested an Intel M25 SSD 80GB drive which I have and it works fine when put in the adapter bay.

I have spent time searching through various forums and as far as I can see this is supported. The Lenovo product page also specifically calls out that both the 128GB and 256GB SSD's are supported for the bay adapter.


Any ideas?



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