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Questions on upgrading to Windows 10 on Thinkpad W510

2019-12-13, 0:05 AM

Hey guys,


I have an old W510 running Windows 7, it is old but has been working well. Since the support for windows 7 is going to be over soon I am thinking to upgrade the system to Windows 10. But I looked at Lenovo's website it does not seem like this model is in the "tested models for Win 10" list. So I have some concerns about upgrading and wonder if anyone has done it and can give me some advice.


My W510 has Intel i7 Q 720@ 1.6GHz, 10G RAM, 500G storage, NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M video card, so it seems to meet the hardware requirement for Win 10. But I have two questions/concerns about upgrading:


1. Would I have any trouble with the drivers after upgrading? If so, should I update the drivers before or after upgrading to Win 10?


2. Before, when I needed to restore the system, I just used the "reset to factory" function that came with the lenovo, and it would re-install Win7 pretty painless. So if I upgrade the system to Win10, I guess that will destroy the "factory reset" function, or at least the function would be useless since it would only restore to Win7. Then later when I need to re-install the operating system, how should I do it?


Thanks a lot! Any advice is appreciated.




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Re: Questions on upgrading to Windows 10 on Thinkpad W510

2019-12-13, 9:40 AM



Your ThinkPad W510's hardware will probably run Windows 10 just fine.  However, because of its age (about 10 years old now), Lenovo no longer supports it, which includes testing for compatibility with Windows 10.  On the other hand, because of its age, just about all of the device drivers for it should be on Windows 10's installation media, and any that are not will probably just get updated from the Microsoft Windows Update Catalog the first time the machine connects to the Internet.


I have never actually tried upgrading a ThinkPad W510 from Windows 7 to Windows 10, so I am unsure of whether or not the recovery partition will be wiped.  My suggestion would be to actually install a new, blank drive, and perform a clean installation of Windows 10 to that.  That way, you don't have to deal with any complications from incompatible software, drivers, or settings.  Then, once the machine is set up, connect the old 500GB drive, and copy your data over from it to the new drive.  The old drive, with it's old OS, can then be put in a safe location as a backup of the Windows 7 configuration.




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