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Blue Screen Again
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Razer Device Contention

Laptop or Ultradock problem??
I've had continuous problems for the last 10 months on two different Lenovo laptops (E580 & P52 both running through a Lenovo Ultradock on Windows 10 Pro 64) with Razer devices Naga Trinity, Huntsman Elite and Tartarus V2.. Here's a list of symptoms:
Devices disconnect and reconnect often by themselves.
Devices stop working. Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB plug revives the device.
Devices don't respond to profile changes (with Synapse running)
Pop up showing profile change for device stops working
Mouse jumps and freezes, keyboard repeats characters and ctrl and shift keys freeze on
Device manager shows a huge list of unused items in "Human Interface Devices", "Keyboards" and "Mice and other..." (showing hidden devices)

Some success has been made by:
Removing the hardware and deleting unused hidden devices (using a remote connection program like Teamviewer)
Removing all software using a software removal program like Revo and then removing hidden devices for Razer devices
Reinstalling has some success but eventually the connecting and disconnecting comes back and the hidden devices mount up again.
I finally had to remove the Razer devices and connect a Dell keyboard which works a lot better BUT very occaisionally the keyboard repeats characters until another key is pressed.

This constant device contention is very annoying and it's hard to believe that even after releasing Synapse 3 they still don't have it right. I will also post this on Lenevo's forum as I feel there is more that just Razer issues at work here.

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