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Removing Individual Keys from Thinkpad P50 / P70 Keyboards

Hello Everyone,


The backspace key on my P50 has developed a weird creaky/spongy kind of noise that is heard when I lift my finger up off the key, after pressing it.


I tried pushing any foreign debris out with compressed air and also a piece of paper. No luck.


Can the keycaps just be pulled off and then snapped back on? Or will this just break the whole keyboard?


Has anyone done this? Thank you for any responses...

Bit Torrent
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Re: Removing Individual Keys from Thinkpad P50 / P70 Keyboards

This is typical quality control issue. I had the same problem with new X220 keyboard. It is caused by missing teflon grease in the metal hinges mechanism of the key.


I don't know these modern keyboards but the key can be removed from the bottom side, just lift it up. You should feel series of small "clicks".

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