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Return to upgrade screen?

I have the 1600x900 screen and I'm finding it barely bright enough.  If I want to return it to get one with the FHD (brighter) screen, what is the procedure for that? 


Or more specifically, do I get hit with some kind of return/exchange fee?


I've only had the PC in hand for less than a week.




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Re: Return to upgrade screen?

i think you need to talk to the Lenovo customer service and see what sort of deals you can work out regarding the return of the current machine. They may or may not hit you with a 15% return surcharge.

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Re: Return to upgrade screen?

I had a dim screen on a T61P compared to a lower definition screen.  Found that you could increase brightness in BIOS.

Look there before you return your system.

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Re: Return to upgrade screen?

Hey dimsdale,


I know this will sound silly but try all your settings before you return your monitor. Did you check your moniter setting and make sure they are set to max? Did you go into your Graphic properites and check your brightness? Check your brightness setting in Power manager?


If you do decide to return your monitor here is the link:




That talks about the return policy and would seem you fall under the being charger the 15% restocking fee.


Best Regards,






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