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Blue Screen Again
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SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

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Using a W510 and want to purchase the SSD 43N3417, but in its current form it does not support TRIM.  I spoke to Samsung who indicated a Firmware was released to OEM's enabling this feature.


When will Lenovo release this Firmware Upgrade to end users?


Note:  I am posting this in the accessories forum too, in hopes of getting an answer.




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Re: SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

The Crucial 300 utilizes the latest SDD technology if you are using Windows 7.  A new Crucial SDD transformed my W700 into a much faster laptop. I got the 256GB but it turned out that the 128GB would have served equally well as my boot drive.  I've never had as much as 60GB on it including Windows 7 - 64 bit, Adobe Creative Suite 5 and all my other software. However, I learned by experience that a clean install is mandatory to maximize the SDD's capacity.

Punch Card
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Re: SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

Do not buy this SSD. Now is the best SSD is on Sandforce controller (example Corsair FORCE series) and Crusial C300.


all off them support TRIM and working fine in w510



Token Ring
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Re: SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

I've tried many SSDs. Crucial C300 is the best in the market at present. It's worked great in my T500 and W510!

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Re: SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

How does Crucial C300 compare with Intel X25-M G2?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: SSD 43N3417 Support TRIM?

Back to the original question.


When will this SSD recieve a firmware update to support TRIM?

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Need TRIM Firmware Update for SSD 43N3417

Lenovo, Please release the Firmware update to SSD 43N3417. We have many of these SSD's in use, and are now measuring a performance drop. TRIM would address this. We paid a LOT for these drives, expecting Lenovo to keep current with regard to Firmware. I've spoken to Samsung and they told me the firmware update was releasted nearly 6 months ago to Lenovo. Please advise. JIM
Punch Card
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Re: Need TRIM Firmware Update for SSD 43N3417

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From reading all the forums here, it still remains unclear whether the TRIM support is on for the 43N3417 drives.  


The Intel SSD utility on my brand new 19 Feb 2012 maufactured drive says:

Word 169/Bit 0 = 1

Word 69/Bit 14 = 0

           which has been said means the drive does NOT support TRIM.

We should be seeing...

Word 169/Bit 0 = 1

Word 69/Bit 14 = 1 

           which has been said means the drive does properly support TRIM


The reference for this posted elsewhere is ->


On the Intel SSD Toolkit web site, it says to refer to only Word 169/Bit0 and never mentions Word 69/Bit 14, so where does that leave us - still unsure... -->


Those of us buying SSD drives, know TRIM support is required for stability after the early release SSD and the host of problems without it. 


FWIW, I've been also using OCZ and Crucial for more than a year without any problems and I know their TRIM is properly ENABLED and it is enabled in Windows 7 too running the latest Intel RST drivers..


Lenovo - we customers need a specific answer to a very simply question.  Is TRIM properly enabled on these drives and if so prove it or if not, where's the firmware upgrade to enable it?   After all, we are paying a significantly higher price for this Lenovo branded 256GB drive as a competitive offerings!


Here's a wake up call:   Given the potential KNOWN problems with NOT enabling TRIM as of this date and with Lenovo STILL possibly shipping what are essentially defective SSD without TRIM enabled  - we owners are heading for a class-action...


G. Mobley



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