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Re: SSD Support for W530

Good advice, I definitely don't disagree with you, that is sound advice, especially for anyone comfortable with software and going through the necessary procedures to get tha done.


As far as imaging and cloning, that can certainly save you lots of time if you aren't working with a new computer and you already have things set up. Personally my experience has been that I seem to get better results and performance by starting from scratch. If I have a Windows install that's more than a year old or so, I would rather start over and install everything fresh. Windows just doesn't stay quite as fresh as Mac OS X and Linux seem to over time and a clean install is an easy, if time consuming way, to regain a nice clean registry and flush out the cobwebs.  


I'm a little OCD like that though. I prefer to do a clean install and then mount the old drive and pull what I need from it. I'm sure I'm doing it the "hard way" and making extra work for myself, but it's served me well over the years, whereas drive cloning has given me mixed results. Backing up your data is excellent advice though for anyone. 

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