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SSD affect on reducing laptop loudness, and fan sound level?

Have a T500 currently.


The W510 seems to be louder than I'd like, based on notebookcheck tests, and based on forum posts

W510=  33-34 dba idle , 38-40 dba load

(compared to T500 1-2 decibels louder in idle, and 4-6 decibels louder under load)



Seeing how an average HDD is tested to put out about 31+ decibels, switching to a SSD should reduce the total system sound by 31+ decibels.

So, replacing the W510's HDD, with a SSD, should reduce the sound to a total of about:

2-4 dba idle , 7-9 dba load



anyone with experience with the W510 and SSD, or any other laptop changing to SSD






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Re: SSD affect on reducing laptop loudness, and fan sound level?

Considering HDDs and SSDs are generally a generic component, any such opinions should do.

Do bear in mind that some HDDs are quieter than others, and some SSDs produce coil whine. Check for reviews on the drive itself.

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Re: SSD affect on reducing laptop loudness, and fan sound level?

A SSD generally runs quieter. But still the fan would produce most noise here. Don't worry too much about decibels and enjoy your ThinkPad ;-) I have built gaming desktops which sounded like hair dryers.

If you want to switch to a SSD, do it for its performance and power consumption. Your W510/T500 will be reborn.

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

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Re: SSD affect on reducing laptop loudness, and fan sound level?

Decibels are not simply added and subtracted to reach a cumulative amount of noise. If I'm using a notebook (30 db) and a hair dryer (80 db) next to a jet engine (140 db), the sound is 140 decibels, not 250. Similarly, most of the noise coming from your notebook under load is a result of the cooling fan. Installing an SSD will likely lower your noise level at idle if your cooling fan isn't going too loud, but it won't make it any quieter under load. To do that, you might try cleaning out the fan and/or using Thinkpad Fan Control to adjust the fan speed.
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Re: SSD affect on reducing laptop loudness, and fan sound level?

I wouldn't get obsessed by the figures.
I also would recommend you to install an ssd. System performance will improve dramatically, and as a side effect you will lower the system's noise, but as you have been told before, you will only notice it at idle because at full load the fan's noise will be louder than any sound made by the hard drive...
Since I had tried an ssd, I always install one as my OS hard drive in all of my computers.

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