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Screen flickering in browsers (W530)

Hi. I have a problem with screen flickering on a new ThinkPad computer.


What happens:

I have so far only experienced this problem in web browsers. Same thing in FireFox and Chrome. When no action is taken, everything looks normal. If I move the mouse across lists of links (like the search result in or a list of categories in a webshop site), the window starts to flicker. White background colors slightly flicker between white and light grey tones, and on some sites with lots of links to move across, both text and images becom blury while doing it. They look like compressed jpeg files with lots of artifacts. This happens both for images and for normal html-text. In addition to the flickering, I expreience the mouse movement as being slower/less responsive when moving the mouse around over the browser window compared to moving over the desktop or other applications.


The hardware:

This is an Lenovo ThinkPad W530

The laptop is closed, and I have two ThinkVision LT 2452 screens

The screens (and USB devices) are connected to the laptop with a ThinkPad USB 3.0 docking station.


I have looked for solutions all over Google, but no luck so far. Any help is welcome!



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Re: Screen flickering in browsers (W530)

It's because you're connecting the screens via USB. It's compressing the video signal to fit in the bandwidth available, leading to these artifacts. Connect them via native video connectors if possible.

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Re: Screen flickering in browsers (W530)

I'm having the exact same issue, though I have an X1 Carbon Touch. I've noticed it in any window with a white background, not just a browser. I can't believe that it is a bandwidth issue, as moving the mouse over a browser link seems like it should just be a minor screen redraw... Videos seem to play fine for the most part.


The effect is certainly noticeable enough that I would think there would by many more posts about it if this were a common side-effect of using the DisplayLink adapters that are part of the USB 3 Dock. 


Were you ever able to find a solution?

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Re: Screen flickering in browsers (W530)

I'm having the same problem with flicker and slow redraw/updates (not just on mouse over, almost ever time I switch tabs or apps) on my external monitor.


Regarding the previous post to solve the problem by using hdmi or VGA cable, the X1 Carbon doesn't have those options, it is all USB

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Re: Screen flickering in browsers (W530)

It's an issue with the DisplayLink drivers and their compatibility with Windows 8. (Well, for me at least.)


The newest drivers that they released last month ago are a big improvement, though aren't perfect yet. See the ongoing discussions over at My post is here, though there are many others.


My advice would be to get the latest drivers from DisplayLink directly, not wait for the Lenovo branded ones.


Hope that helps.

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