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Scroll Lock key missing on a W540

Well, we do have many things missing on this Workstation (see other comments), but here is the latest discovery.


All last week I needed to do some cross referencing of Excel worksheets and Access databases.  I use "Synkronizer", and excellent Excel comparator who's author fears piracy and links the application to the machine and checks EVERY USE!.  So I'm not at liberty to move the application easily.


 When needed I export an Access table to Excel, and compare, merge, etc, then reimport into Access or work in Excel....  Long story. BUT the issue.  ^K (Ctrl-K)  which is the cryptic Scrl-Lock key on this so called workstation with 4 dumb wasted keys in the upper right hand, does not work within two Excel sheets.


The work around is within Excel, using [Syncronized Scrolling], and [View Side by Side]. BUT now it forces an horizontal scroll, when a vertical would be desireable. What a pain!


After I got back, I tested the same thing on my desktop, WITH A REAL SCROLL LOCK KEY, and it worked correctly.


If there was a REAL scroll-Lock key on the W540, this would not be an issue.


What is the point?


The W540 is NOT a Workstation. If you do not program, work in Excel or Access, then this is a moot point.  The W540 is a dumb terminal for cloud applications, surfing, eMail, watching YouTubes and videos.


For this one, there is really NO workaround.


Am I wrong?  Has someone tested the multiple windows scrolling on Excel, and locked from the keyboard two sheets?  I also discovered a similar issue when comparing two ASCII files in my editor.


What's DOS?
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Re: Scroll Lock key missing on a W540

Yes, I noticed this as well. The workaround I have is, go to Windows and search for "On Screen". You will get to the On Screen Keyboard where you can toggle the Scroll Lock.

What's DOS?
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Re: Scroll Lock key missing on a W540

One alternate solution is to remap those appropriately named "4 dumb wasted keys" to something more useful using a tool like SharpKeys:

It re-maps those keys in the registry which means an app does not need to be running in the background for the mappings to work

For example I remapped the Calculator button to the Play/Pause button.

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