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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo's support site, etc are really getting on my last nerve...


Ok, as with most people viewing these forums I imagine no one keeps the base image loaded on these laptops, instead building thier own image. Now, I also assume that when we buy these laptops we are given a license to use the software that came with the laptops and that the license is not in some way attached to the base image.


So, my question is, where the hell do I get a full version of InterVideo WinDVD 8 and Corel DVD Movie Factory 7 for Blu-ray. The "support" page only has updates. I have called support, and they have no clue, at least the few people I spoke to...I am currently imaging a w500, but have variuos other laptops and desktops I need simliar software and answers for...

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Re: Software

The easiest way would be to copy C:\swtools from a Lenovo preinstalled image, it should contain all drivers and apps that are pre-installed. You can then select what you need.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Software



Where can I download C:\SWTOOLS, ?


The machine had crashed and the disk needed to be reformatted/Machine reinstalled and I do not have the original software.


Please advise where can I get this app again.


(Particulalry need the Corel DVD Movie Factory 7 for Blu-ray )



The machine is still under guarntee.