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TPKNRRES.exe process in Task Manager seems to increase in the memory used. After not rebooting / shutting after several days the total accumulated memory used will exeed 50,000k Memory.


Picture example below the TPKNRRES.exe process is only taking up 484k




So if the processes take up more than 50,000k of memory then follow the step provided below.




I have a W510 thinkpad that is running Win7 SP1 with the latest updates.  It's also updated with the latest Lenovo software.  But the TPKNRRES component seems to suck-up memory over a period of days.  Note that I usually use function-F4 to put the machine to sleep and only reboot once every 1-2 weeks.  I have a screen shot of the windows task manager showing this, but am unsure how to post.



Download latest ThinkVantage Communications Utility


Driver here


Text here


After you have downloaded the driver, follow the step provided below.


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features
  4. Scroll to ThinkVantage Communications Utility
  5. Highlight it and click Uninstall
  6. After uninstallation, reboot the laptop
  7. Install the drivers which you have downloaded
  8. Reboot once installation is done
  9. Monitor if TPKNRRES.exe exceeds 50,000k.




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