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ThinkPad Multiple External Display Issue - sleep resume update/patch Request

There are countless threads and posts with consumers/owners expressing issues with Lenovo ThinkPad workstations which are not delivering on expected (marketed) features/functionality, due to software related issues. Namely:

- ThinkPad Workstations lose support for external monitors when 'awoken' from Sleep mode and/or Hibernate mode

- Switching the graphics card leveraged by the system has no impact on performance (issues persist)

- It seems the only recourse is to restart the affected laptop and/or not use the features and functionality available on the device

--- this is also the most common "solution" presented to users in threads and/or users are advised to not to use multi-monitor configurations outright


Although many systems may be impacted, this post focuses on issues on the ThinkPad P50, the latest Workstation, which happens to have a NVIDIA Quadro M2000M graphics card.

- All BIOS/Firmware/Software is up-to-date as of writing, however, the issue persists


This sort of performance from a modern business-grade workstation is unacceptable.


As an owner of the Thinkpad P50, I would like to see this issue investigated & fixed before 2017 -- given there are threads/posts that go back, even beyond this year. This seems to be a known issue that's being willfully ignored by Lenovo and/or Think Engineering. If the issue cannot be resolved, then Lenovo needs to assume responsibility.


Mod edit:  Removed comment contrary to Forum Guidelines .  Please review the Guidelines before posting in the Forums, especially the section regarding campaigning.

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Re: ThinkPad Multiple External Display Issue - sleep resume update/patch Request

And what is the problem?


I use Thinkpad P70 with M3000 and WIndows 10 between two locations daily, each with different number monitors and different DPIs (one with 3 x 1920, one with 2 * 4K), sleeping while in the backpack, and no major problems. Rebooting maybe once a week, for non related reasons.


BIOS is set to Discrete only. 

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