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ThinkPad P50: So Promising; SO DISAPPOINTING

Here's the TL;DR


  • Abysmal battery life
  • Windows 10 feels subjectively slow and sluggish through multiple reformats despite EVO860 M.2 system drive and 2.5" EVO 850 data drive
  • Choppy scrolling (in browser and explorer windows)
  • Touchpad is laggy and lacks responsiveness while scrolling
  • Trackpoint feels 'heavy' and not spry like on my older ThinkPads
  • Glitchy video playback online and local
  • Trouble installing or running several common productivity and design applications including MS Office, VirtualBox, Electra E8
  • Fans regularly spin up to full speed while under no perceivable load
  • Machine regularly wakes up in the bag while ostensibly asleep and quietly overheats.
  • Unreliable bluetooth; frequent loss of connection and audio sync errors with video playback
  • Strange behavior when I plug my (Moto G4 Plus) phone into the rear USB charging port
  • Several of my USB memory sticks mount and unmount repeatedly when plugged in
  • Every so often the new hardware chime sounds even though no hardware has been plugged in or removed

I've taken this machine in for service twice to no avail; it came back both times with the same problems (and it was improperly reassembled both times). I'm fully on top of all the latest drivers and BIOS updates.


I bought this in May 2016. Is there any chance that it's still RMA-able?

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Re: ThinkPad P50: So Promising; SO DISAPPOINTING



The Samsung 860 EVO M.2 SSD is Samsung's value-oriented model and uses a SATA 3 interface (6Gbit/s).  According to Samsung's web site, it has a sequential read speed of up to 550 MByte/s and a sequential write speed of up to 520 MByte/s, so its speed sounds in line with other SATA 3 SSDs.


The Samsung 960 PRO M.2 SSD is Samsung's performance-oriented model and uses an NVMe interface.  According to Samsung's web site, it has a sequental read speed of up to 3,500 MByte/s and sequential write speed of up to 2,100 MByte/s, or about 6 times faster reads and 4 times faster writes.


If you are installing Windows 10 from an ISO image downloaded from Microsoft, I would suggest wiping the Samsung 860 EVO drive and installing Windows 10 to the Samsung 860 EVO using the Lenovo factory pre-load, which contains all of the correct device drivers and ThinkPad-specific software needed for optimum performance.  You can then run Lenovo's updater to install the latest versions of its pre-loaded drivers and software, and then run Windows Update to update the operating system to the current build.  If you did not create recovery media when you initially purchased, you may still be eligible to download it using the Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service.


At that point, you should have a pristine, completely up-to-date base operating system installation, along with drivers and preloaded software.  Perform a disk image-style backup (I've seen several forum members recommend Macrium Reflect for this--I haven't used it myself, though) so that you can begin troubleshooting the system problems one-by-one..




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Serial Port
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Re: ThinkPad P50: So Promising; SO DISAPPOINTING



I have Samsung EVO SSDs in my desktops and those systems are an absolute pleasure to use, that is, they absolutely sing. No lag, no stuttering, nice and snappy. I believe that the performance and usability issues I'm experiencing with the P50 are due to something in hardware.


I did create the recovery media when I first unboxed the P50 (which I now regret because somehow that disqualifies me from downloading it again). Anyway, like I said this machine has undergone multiple reformats. I've installed Windows 10 in a number of ways including upgrading from the recovery media (which is Windows 7), from other Windows 10 ISOs as well as a factory reset from the Lenovo service center which is my current installation. All the same problems persist which is why I keep coming back to the hardware.


I always image my new installations but that doesn't help when the new installations are replete with the same old issues.

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