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ThinkPad P51 Drivers Download not completing

I have a new ThinkPad P51.  I have been trying to download the Lenovo (hardware) drivers from:


It is a 1360.28 MB download for my selected drivers; which it says will download as a single zip file.


1. It doesn't download as a single zip file and instead creates multiple folders in the download destination.

2. It doesn't complete the 1.3 GB download and gives an error in between.  The maximum I have been able to get to is about 900 MB.  I have tried over 10 times.

3. A screenshot of the error is attached.


Has anyone else faced the same problem?  How does one get around it?


Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 Drivers Download not completing

Where are you downloading the files to? Seems like a timeout. I also see you are on hardwire network and not wireless. This should download quite quickly if the bandwidth is available.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 Drivers Download not completing

I wouldn't expect a guaranteed problem-free result from a single 1.3GB download, and don't approach my updates download process that way for any of my Lenovo machines.


Instead, I just go about it individually, one file at a time. First I select my OS (either Win7 64-bit or Win10 64-bit, in my case, because I keep two separate minor multi-folder collections of latest driver files and corresponding README within the two parent major folders for each OS).


Next, I typically do not select any particular "component" when I want to get any recent updates, as I'm actually interested in picking up ALL of the recent updates which apply to my hardware.  On occasion I might look for just one component, but generally I want to pick up all recent additions.  So instead I typically select "last 90 days" in the "released" column, as I typically only do this every few months.


Note that I actually do manually use "system update" to perform the actual overall keep-current process maybe every few weeks, but I do like to keep my two folder collections of latest installer files current as well so I get around to it every few months. 


Next, I click on the "expand details" link, in order to then open up the detail items underneath each "component" category.  This will reveal column headings of "version" and "released", and I click on the "released" column heading once or twice just to ensure that the multiple detail lines in each category are shown in reverse chronological order, most recent first, with the version number .  This makes it easy for me to browse my existing target folder/sub-folder contents to look inside the latest README I have for a particular component to check the version number shown inside the README, if there's any question about whether or not I already have that latest file.


And then finally, if in fact there really is a recently released installer for some component that I do now want to download, I will click on the "details" button... not the "add" button.  Again, I download selectively and immediately, not deferred in a combined single large file.  This is what allows me to have created a sub-folder structure inside my OS-specific parent folder which has the "component name".  This of course is my own solution to how to keep all of the latest installer files for each component on my own hard drive, for possible use in the future if I ever have to reinstall Windows from scratch.


When the "details" button is pushed for that latest new component's installer , a second tab/window will be opened in your browser that typically shows both the installer EXE as well as the README.  On occasion there might be a 32-bit version of the installer as well as a separate 64-bit version.  And the GUI shows a "download later" button as well as a "download now" button, for each installer EXE and README.


For each EXE and README that I want I then click on the "download now" button, and navigate the "save as" dialog to the proper component-specific sub-folder in the proper OS-specific parent folder.  Note that I have my browser set up to "always ask for download location" rather than just automatically always pushing stuff into one single "DOWNLOAD" target.  That way each of my installer file EXE and README downloads can be directed into the correct sub-folder location.








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Re: ThinkPad P51 Drivers Download not completing

 Download the entire file as packaged from Lenovo, anything less would require far too much effort to relay the vast amount of variables that exist with downloading individual components. After the package is downloaded separate it at your local level.. You are having issues as the presentation is for the package and not designed to be separated.

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