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ThinkPad P51 coming soon?

Any news of a successor to the P50 being near in the future? The P50 and P70 was announces 1,5 years ago if I remember correctly and have had their share of problems.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

On February.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

@Puppy wrote:

On February.

Could you please quote a soure on that? Not saying you are wrong though.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

At least nothing mentioned here:


But not sure if Lenovo usually release their workstations on CES.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

I bought a new p50 the 1st of December... not yet shipped... maybe is better to cancel the order? Are you sure about that???

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

Well Lenovo typically releases new stuff during the first few months of the year.  There is nothing indicating a reveal at CES, so any new release would likely come during January, February, or March.  This would include P50, P70, and P40.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

I wouldn't get too excited about it, as the KabyLake processor improvements are underwhelming. The P50 already is still up to date with memory (DDR4) and storage (M.2), so the only dramatic improvement could be the display. I really don't see a reason to cancel an order. New P51s (or whatever they may be called) wouldn't be on your desk before april anyway. 

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

What I would like to know is when NVIDIA is going to update their Quadro mobile GPU's with their Pascal architechture.

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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

If you prefer Win7 (to Win10), you're pretty much out of luck with the next gen of Thinkpads, as Kaby Lake won't support Win7.

But maybe Lenovo will ditch the integrated camera, bring out a 3:2 screen, and reintroduce the Thinklight? One can hope. Smiley Happy

And if one is hoping for that much, or if one likes the camera, why not make the laptop 1" deeper, keep the dual-fan system, and have an optical drive, camera, 3:2 screen AND a Thinklight (or two)?
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Re: ThinkPad P51 comming soon?

Im going to be honest with you I was at CES and to say they are underwhlemed is a vast understatment.

First off the GPU, the performance of pascal is increduble and Nvidia just released the new lineup at 3 pm eastern today.  Look at the Teraflops of the highest being 6.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a maxed out p70 with the m5000m, very powerful and the rating on this is only 3.2 so your talking about possibly close to double performance and three times the speed, absolutley unreal.   Secondly the prcoessors, look into the Kaby Lake Xeon for mobile wrkstations they are insanly fast.  the lowest the 1505m v6 runs to 4.00 whcih is equal to the maxed out 1575m.  Who knowswhat the 1575 v6 will run at but the top non-iris is running up to 4.2! you have to be kidding, that is unreal.

The iris version the 1545 and 1575m v6 series will probably not be aorund until the summer just like last year with the v5 series becasue of the iris graphics, not really a big deal and it will not compensate for the price if the 1535 is already running to 4.2 Ghz.


So yes CANCEL your order please.  Because honestly the graphics cards alone will save oyu money and be much more efficient for gaming and CAd work. 

For example the new P3000 quadro will have 3.1 Tflops, so it is matched the m5000m and probably a little faster.  And instead of 1300 your paying for the m5000m it will pribably be included in the price for the base unit.  have any other questions let me know! thanks.


Secondly, the problem is with Lenovo is that they are SLOOOOW, extremely slow, so Dells are coming out on February 28th Lenovo probably wont see anything until April, which really stinks becasue they are ridiculously slow at releasing things they really need to fix this problem before thye lose me and many others of their folowing!

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