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ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

We bumped into a strage slowdown issue with both the P52 notebooks we have. Both have an i7-8850H CPU. The strange things happens like this:


The computer suddenly feels very slow to respond to anything. Windows appear with a big delay or typing the password on the login screen after waking from sleep takes forever. When checking task manager, it shows one or more cores using up 100% of that core. Still, the system feels slow and unresponsive.


Checking further in task manager we saw that the CPU was doing 0.78 Ghz speeds. It was stuck at that speed, and that is why the system felt slow. The fans were not running at all - why would they, the CPU was not going to get hot running so slow. 


The solution to this situation is to let the computer go to sleep and wake it up again, after which the CPU clock limiting is not present and the CPU will function as normal. I have no explanation why this happens. It seems to be rare and random. 


I blogged about it and also wrote about it on Reddit as well. Seems to be happening to other people as well. 


Anyone here run into the issue?


Lenard | (I am a Lenovo INsider - a volunteer and not a Lenovo employee) | @lenardg
ThinkPad P52 | C630 WOS | X1 Yoga (1st)(2nd) | Legion Y530
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Re: ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

Yes, I have seen the same thing on my P52 with the Xeon processor. I am always running the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and noticed that when the slowdown occurs, the Max Core Frequency drops to below 1 GHz. Usually, a reboot fixes the problem.

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Re: ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

Noticed this at least three times. Happens when I need it the least Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

My P52 has been slow since inception a couple months ago.  Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it crawls, sometimes it is unresponsive and requires a reboot.  Stock 8gb RAM and 7200rpm disk.  I7 8750H processor.  I suspected Norton and RAM hungry Photoshop, Lightroom.  Especially when the lid has been closed or screen times out it takes years to get the login screen.  My W540 with W7 shows login screen instantly.  I called Lenovo support.  I'm unfamiliar with W10 and thought maybe it's in setup.  They told me 1) they don't support software and 2) install latest drivers and it it's still slow reinstall the OS.    I intend to throw a lot of hardware at it, I intended upgrades anyway.  But it should really respond better than this.    I also intend to dump Norton when it expires in April and get Bit Defender and MalwareBytes.   Any progress with this performance problem other than 'reinstall OS' I'd really like to know. 

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

PS I helped a friend buy and set up a Dell All-in-One.  They bought the extended warranty like I have from Lenovo.  Their support included the whole machine including software.  It was amazing.  I've had at least four Thinkpads, maybe five, and I like the brand and have been pretty loyal.  But Dell support made me take notice. 

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad P52 strange slowdown

Interesting to read these posts, i too am having slow issues with my 5 month old P52, which persisted from the start.  It takes forever to boot or launch Photoshop.  And Solidworks is painfully slow. Was hoping to upgrade from my ASUS G53S but that runs circles around the P52.  I'm downloading some Nvidia drivers to see if that helps.  And then its getting mailed back to Lenovo for a warranty check.  If they don't find anything I guess I'll upgrade the hardrive, RAM and graphics card, in that order.  Dissapointing, as has been the process with Lenovo from the start, wouldn't choose them again.   

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