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Paper Tape
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ThinkPad P70: Part number for UltraBay HDD adapter

I would like to replace the DVD drive in a ThinkPad P70 with a 2.5" hard disk, and I have trouble finding the right adapter.


I have found several references here and on other sites to the part 00NY314. I have ordered it from IBM, and it's indeed the right shape, but it's only the plastic shell with a metal bottom, and there is no connector for the HDD. Here's a picture of the part that I have received. Note the absence of connectors.



I have called Lenovo support, and they told me that the part 0B47315 might be the right one. I have ordered that one, too, and while it has all the necessary connectors, it doesn't have the right shape, so I believe it's not appropriate for the P70.


Did anyone actually order the part 00NY314? Were you able to connect the HDD? Where did you order it from? Did IBM ship the wrong part? What's the correct part number for the adapter?

Bit Torrent
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Re: ThinkPad P70: Part number for UltraBay HDD adapter

Hi rblank,


The part you recieved may be a portion of the right parts needed, but it is indeed incomplete.   I could not find any Lenovo source that states that part number 0B47315 it is compatable with a Thinkpad P70, but I did find a 3rd party source that has one for sale that they state is compatable.     Since you already ordered the one part from Lenovo, I would probably see if they can send you the rest of the parts needed, but if not return it and consider the one below.


Second HDD SSD Caddy for Lenovo ThinkPad P70


Good Luck,

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad P70: Part number for UltraBay HDD adapter

I installed a SSD in the optical bay of my P70 with a generic 9.5 mm SATA III HDD --> ODD caddy and it worked fine (do at your own risk, there appears to be a wide distribution of quality with these) and runs at full speed. Altough the plastic front plate from the orginal drive doesn't fit that great on the new caddy.

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