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ThinkPad Quadro Drivers - Frustrations and a tip - incl E-GPU

I don't know why Lenovo is SO slow at getting drivers out for Quadro.


June 11 2019 - Lenovo release the Optimus Driver - incl. Quadro/TI1050/Optimus. - But the embedded NVidia drivers are 6 months old already. (They contain NVidia driver v417.35 - NVidia released that in Dec '18)


That means current releases of fx. ffmpeg wont run. Only ffmpeg from January will run. (And other issues incl security issues as well)


But I found out if I install the Lenovo drivers first - and THEN instal the DCE Quadro Drivers seperately afterwards - everything does still seem to work fine - and then now I'm running NVidia 431.02 with NVenc 9 and CUDA 10.2 (Vs NVenc 8.1 and Cuda 10)


It also makes my e-GPU card work (Quadro RTX 4000) - where as standard Lenovo Drivers and Microsoft update NVidia RTX drivers - I had all kinds of issues and my P2000 kept getting disabled. With the official driver from NVidia hotplug works fine and speed is "reasonable" for e-GPU.


I have not done a lot of testing on this last version - but Optimus did work on the previous Lenovo Drivers + NVidia Quadro Drivers.


I went here:

Product Type: Quadro

Product Series: Quadro RTX Series

Product: Quadro RTX 4000

OS : Win 10 64 bit

Windows Driver Type: DCH

Download Type : Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE)


and downloaded that - that includes drivers for Quadro P2000.


My ffmpeg speed went from roughly 10.2x on transcode to 16.8x for the same file! That is a big change (and without the e-GPU attached)


I use Blackmagic Resovle quite a bit - and this is also the only way to get resolve to work "fast"'ish on my P1.


Now I just need to get my P1 to perform wihtout throttling and make less noise.


Lenovo - PLEASE - speed up your software releases so you do not release 6 months old drivers with ALL the security ISSUES that they have. Make certain your clients gets drivers that have all the latest security FIXES please (and features of course)



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